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Enthiran – Full review

You have been hearing about him, talking about him, debating about him, expecting him, thinking about him: well, he is here, The Robot is in Town. Endhiran has finally been unleashed. This is one of the most expected movies from the Tamil film industry. There was much hype about it and everywhere you turn, you see Endhiran and where ever you go you see Endhiran and whomever you meet talk about Endhiran. Was this hype justifiable? Did the movie meet the expectation? IMO, it has exceeded expectation by a billion miles.

****Warning: Full story / Spoiler ahead****

This is a movie tailor made for Rajini. It will not only please Rajini fans, but will appeal to any movie lover on this planet. Nobody other than Rajini could have been in the lead role of this movie. No wonder, Rajini is a phenomenon. I badly wanted to watch the movie on FDFS (First day first show). But circumstances didn’t let me. So I had to settle for the second day show. I am just out of the theater and would like to share my experience while its still fresh. BTW, I may be going again tomorrow.

There is no “Rajini-entrance” in the movie. That was quite disappointing. I rehearsed my whistling and was all prepared to strike it when Rajini enters the screen in his usual way. Instead the movie starts in Dr Vaseegaran’s (Rajini) lab. Rajini is seen working on his humanoid robot along with his 2 assistants Santhanam and Karunas. Sana (Aishwarya) is Vaseegaran’s girl and she is seen trying to contact Vaseegaran several times. But Vaseegaran is so engrossed in his work and he keeps ignoring her. We see him working relentlessly on his humanoid creation and he implants artificial intelligence in it. He feeds the humanoid all skills in the world. He teaches it to learn as well. Soon his work is complete and Chitty – the robot is born. Chitty has been created to look, talk and walk like Vaseegaran. So its double action at this point of the movie. Rajini runs back to Aishwarya and woos her back. Here comes the first song of the movie “Kadhal Anukkal”. Pictured in a oasis and combined with creative editing, this is a treat to eyes. But its quite irritating to see Aishwarya putting on a conscious effort to appear gracious.

Post to the song, Rajini introduces Chitty to the world in a conference. Everyone is amazed including Aishwarya. But Danny Denzongpa, who plays Vaseegaran’s former professor, is envious. Sana (Aishwarya) is a medical student and borrows Chitty for a couple of days to help her out in preparing for the exams. Chitty is introduced to Sana’s charity house and its inmates. He impresses them with his cooking skills, fighting skills and some super human abilities. The train fight is really awesome. Its been well staged and though its very fast, you could see that attention has been paid to every minute details. Its a treat to watch.  Then Dr Vaseegaran takes Chitty to a panel of scientists (Inc. Danny) for their approval of his creation. He expresses his ambition to dedicate Chitty to the Indian army. Danny disapproves stating that the humanoid lacks perceptive and decision making skills. Vaseegaran is dejected. On their way back, a building is on fire and Vaseegaran orders Chitty to save lives. He saves a few lives with his super human abilities. But he also saves a girl from the fire not minding that she is stark naked. The girl is ashamed and she runs frantically only to be crushed by a truck.

This incident makes Vaseegaran realize the flaws in Chitty and he starts teaching him about human emotions. Interestingly (and also illogically) a lightning strikes Chitty and from the next day he starts displaying anger. Sana and Vaseegaran are both excited. Chitty then helps a woman deliver a baby. Excited about his achievement, Sana runs to him and kisses him. A spark is kindled and Chitty feels love for the very first time. That night he sneaks into Sana’s bedroom to find that a mosquito is biting Sana. Chitty chases the mosquito and the conversation (ultrasonic mosquito language) translated to us in human language, is quite humorous. Again impressed by his act, Sana kisses him. Now its time for the Robot to sing Duet. “Irumbile oru Idhayam” is again a treat to watch. Excellent animation combined with Sabu cyril’s art direction takes the song to a different dimension. The lyrics are fantastic and quite interesting. Its like geek poetry. For instance, “yen neela pallale unnodu siripaen” refers to bluetooth, “memory yil kumariyai thani chirai pidithaen”, “shutdown seiyaamal iravinil thudithaen”, etc are quite interesting. But the highlight is Rajini. His ability to dance equalizing Aishwarya’s grace, at the age of 60+ is totally awesome. But there is more to come… infact there is lot more to come…

On Sana’s birthday party, Vaseegaran announces that he is going to marry her soon. Angered by this (by now, Chitty has developed the full fledged system of emotions and feelings) Chitty walks out to her and asks her for dance. Wow… what a performance. The track is called “Chitti Dance Showcase”. Music is excellent and so is the dance choreography. (That’s my ringtone now) Chitty is overwhelmed with his feelings for Sana and tries to kiss her. Vaseegaran intervenes and takes away Chitty. Sana and Vaseegaran tries to reason with him and explain that is feelings for Sana is against nature. That night Danny communicates with Chitty and poisons his system with negative emotions. The following day Vaseegaran takes Chitty for a demo with the Army officers. But Chitty makes a joke out of the scene and this angers Vaseegaran. He dismantles Chitty and throws him away in the city garbage pile. Sana takes Vaseegara out to change his mood and here come the duet “Kilimanjaro” shot in Machu Pichu. Awesome costume and extremely eye-catching out-door location.

Danny picks Chitti up from the garbage land and puts him back in form. But he inserts a malware program in Chitty and makes him violent and destructive. Chitty kidnaps Sana from her marriage with Vaseegaran leading to a very grippy fast track car chase. I would say its something technically far advanced filmography. Its quite comparable with the famous Matrix highway car chase. Chitty kills anything and everything in his path including Danny. He loots energy, fuel, ornaments and a lot more from the city. He clones himself over and over to form an army of Humanoids (Rajini’s multiple action). He builds a fort and imprisons Sana. Now there is another duet here. “Robo da” is a duet with Rajinis as background dancers. Again awesome choreography. The climax is all about how Vaseegaran rescues Sana from Chitty and his army. Its an extravagant climax involving shape shifting humanoid army, high speed car chase, guns, canons, grenades, missiles and what not.

Rajini is at the peak of his performance. You could never tell his age in any frame of this entire movie. His role as Chitty is totally enjoyable. This is a cent percent Rajini movie. Its a guaranteed paisa vasool entertainer. Not a moment in the movie was out of piece. Full credit to Director Shankar and his team. Aishwarya is pleasant to watch, but at some instances she has put in conscious effort to appear graceful. This makes her look plastic and inert. I heard that many actress including Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone and Asin were approached for this role. But Aishwarya is the best choice. Santhanam and Karunas are totally wasted. Other supporting characters were indeed supportive. But I repeat, its an outright Rajinikanth movie. He dominates the entire movie frame by frame. This is a larger than life role played by Rajini and I really doubt if he would be able to repeat this excellent performance once again. The movie is so good that even Shankar would not be able to out-do himself for atleast another 10 years. This movie is a ‘must-watch’ mast movie. Watch it within a week. Watch it again and watch it over and over. Get a DVD / BR when its out. Totally worth it.

Super Star Thalaivar Rajini Rocks! Ram, Rahim and Rajini – unstoppable forces of nature.

Footnote: Those who complain about logic, reasoning, science, physics or intellect, please dig a hole and bury your head and stay put. This may not be the movie of your liking.

P.S: I heard the songs of Robo – the hindi version. Didn’t quite like it. Anyway will check out that movie too later sometime just out of curiosity.

4 responses

  1. Kavithagautam

    Great review. dunno if i can catch it but your reaction seems to be enough for me to feel i have watched the movie and enjoyed it too!

    October 3, 2010 at 5:10 AM

  2. d2

    hey gd, very comprehensive review…yep the songs aren’t too impressive in hindi…was curious about rajnikanth…excuse my ignorance, what’s a ‘rajni entrance’?
    btw, very techie site…all home-made, right? :)

    October 4, 2010 at 3:50 AM

    • D3, i thought the lyrics in hindi were a little absurd, sometimes literal translation sounds very odd. even odder, is when they try to replace non-sync words to go in sync with the tune… anyway, the movie was rocking.. and glad u liked it…

      Check out any other movie, when rajini comes to screen for the first time. there will be special music and slow motion. thats when the theatre crowd goes crazy and the whistles push the human audible decibel range to the max…

      thanks the site and design sits on top of wordpress framework. nothing homemade…

      October 4, 2010 at 4:59 AM

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