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evolution of Birthday Treats

Looking back into my birthday treats…

Orange candies for all friends… till 7 yrs old (=Rs 20)

Cadbury’s Eclairs for all friends… till 10 yrs old (<Rs 100)

Cadbury’s Eclairs for all and 5 Star for close friends… till 14 yrs <Rs 200)

Ignored all others, Movie tickets for friends, cakes and cool drinks after movie… till 16 yrs (<Rs 300)

Eat out at a small restaurant for good friends and Tasmac cutting sponsor for the best friends… till 20 yrs (>Rs 300)

Order pizza for colleagues and 2 star hotel dinner with friends… till 25 yrs (<Rs 1000)

Not less than 3 star restaurant eat-out with friends and colleagues… nowadays… (~Rs 5000)

… birthdays have been expensive so far and the expenses are expected to go higher… do they have any tax exemption for birthday expenses?


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