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Manmathan Ambu – Review

The promos of ManMathanAmbu, could push a feeling that it’s a full length Masala comedy flick. But on the contrary, ManMathanAmbu is a mix of many feelings. The movie is so mixed up that we end up confused about its genre. Kamal Hassan comedy flicks like Panchathanthiram, Avvai Shanmugi and Sathileelavathi and  emotional genre like Anbe Sivam, Guna and Mahanadhi were master pieces. In this movie he tried to marry the genres, but the stitching fails to hold them together.

AMBUjakshi (Trisha) is a famous heroine in the Tamil and MATHANagopal (Madhavan) an heir to a big businessman, is her fiance. Ex-Military man R. MANnar (Kamal) is a private security agent and as the story is crafted around these characters, the movie has been titled ManMathanAmbu.

Mathanagopal is always suspicious of Ambu’s character and he accuses her of infidelity. Enraged by this she looses control, while driving his Hummer and becomes a cause for an accident with a white Ford. But before they could check out what happened to the occupants of the Ford, a crowd of Ambu’s fans mob them. In a hurry to move away from the place, Mathan bribes the police and they move out. Ambu also decides that they must part ways and she goes on a vacation to France. Mathan wants to prove her infidelity and hires Mannar to get evidence. Mannar goes undercover and this covers the first half of the movie. The story building is pretty good and the sequence of events are kept pretty crisp and fast paced. With complexities like this in a Kamal movie, the audience would definitely expect splitting humor when complexities untangle.

But as we enter into the second half, tragedy genre starts taking shape. Apparently the occupants in the Ford were Kamal and his wife. She was killed in the accident and Ambu discovers this and is greatly saddened. There is one particular scene where she tells him about this and Kamal reacts to her confession. First its shock, then a stint of anger, then acceptance, finally forgiving. Even if one mutes the volumes, Kamal’s expression would easily tell you his feelings. Brilliant acting made to look so natural and performed with ease. No wonder Kamal is an Award winning performer. He is exceptionally talented.

Then the storyline jumps back to comedy genre and the complexities start to untangle.  Sangeetha who plays the role of Trisha’s friend has done a perfect job to fit her role. Her dialogues and dialogue delivery are so natural and molds with her character. Trisha seems to have lost the glamor quotient and gained a lot of acting skills. Looks like a good trade-off. She is pretty when its required and she is serious when the story line demands. Madhavan has done a good job too, but he is getting too stereotyped with his characters. A little bit of difference in his dialogue delivery style would have done great difference. But nevertheless he fits the bill.

The climax is a little twisted. The story takes a dramatic turn. Its funny, but not splitingly funny. Running around in circles, twisting words, jumbled letters and happy ending are director KS Ravikumar’s trademarks. A little bit of reduction in the intensity of tragedy and some subtlety in dialogues about sex and infidelity, would have made this movie a total entertainer. But still its a good movie to watch, especially if you are an ardent Kamal fan like me.


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