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No matter what you try, your world is not falling in the right place as you expect it to be. You feel that life is broken beyond repair. Your hope starts fading into the sunset. But still you keep going. You don’t give up. You don’t accept defeat. Sometimes you accept defeat, but still keep going. These are not something new to most of us, especially me.

Sometime we contemplate on the need to continue? Why mustn’t we give up? What is keeping us going? What is the need to keep running?  What is fueling the fading desire to live? Is it our commitment to the people around us? Is it love? Is it the family bond? Is it the materialistic passion?

Sitting in the darkness of the room, surrounded by nothing but darkness and a distant howl of a stray dog, the mind drifts into strange continents. The pressure to find answers keeps mounting. Answers to questions that have been asked a zillion time since the inception of man kind. Questions that don’t seem to have any sort of finite answer. Tears rolling down, but not crying. Eyes closed, but not sleeping. Thoughts wandering and trying frantically to cure the mind. A deep desire to return to normalcy. But not sure what is normalcy. This state of mind is neither hell nor heaven, but somewhere between. Tired of being tired, the mind and body exhausted, floats into a state which most of us know as ‘Sleep’. Sleep is again not a state of normalcy. The pain is subconscious. The subconscious is never at rest.  After hours of struggling with dream, wake up being tired than before. Puffed eyes and sweaty palms are collateral symptoms of this state of ‘living dead’. The state of being a Zombie.

But when you move away from the physical state of being human and look at the life so far from a distant, you feel that it’s a gift. A gift which is supposed to be enjoyed. The purpose of the gift may not be clear, but the fact that the source and destination are same in this journey is as clear as the crystal waters of the pacific ocean. If the source and destination is same, they what is the need for the journey? The purpose is to gain knowledge and a learn. No I am not talking about the text-book knowledge. In fact I am not even clear on what is the kind of knowledge. Don’t understand the meaning of spiritual knowledge. But all that is known is that there is something that is keeping us on course.  It’s a force that guiding us and the source of faith. Trying to get rid of all sorts hope. Hope is something that is concerned with the current physical state. Hope must be replaced by faith. Faith keeps you on course and faith guides you. Faith is carried over from one plane to another. Faith is the Highest common factor in all dimensions.

அரிது அரிது, மானிடராய் பிறத்தல் அரிது

மானிடராய் பிறந்த காலையின்
கூன் குருடு செவிடு நீங்கி பிறத்தல் அரிது

கூன் குருடு செவிடு பிறந்த காலையின்
கல்வியும் செல்வமும் தான் பெறுதல் அரிது

Now that is the only reason that the current physical state is a gift. Of all that I know, being a human being is the only way to gain knowledge and understand faith. The prayer is not for materialistic gains. It’s not to honor hopes. It’s not to set the life in your expected path. But the prayer is to help transfer faith and knowledge to the next physical state. The prayer is to show the path and to reach the destination. The prayer is not to give happiness, but to understand the real happiness. The present life is a direct refection of past actions. Actions that could date back to eons and that could have been taken place in any plane. The reactions to these actions must happen now are sometime in future. Not so sure about the past or the future, present is all we have. Why not try to balance the equation now, with the only tool we have: the present.

Somebody told me, Problem is defined as a situation that is born when you expect something to happen in a particular way, but it doesn’t happen as expected. Expectation and hope are the primary reason for the ‘Zombie’ state of the mind. Expectations to be replaced with acceptance and hope to be replaced with faith and then you discover the fuel cells that keep you going.

3 responses

  1. well written… but what prompted this?

    January 7, 2011 at 8:43 PM

    • just wanted to share only whats common between me and others :)

      January 14, 2011 at 9:18 PM

  2. I think Karthi asks a good question. It seems we start from personal experience and that something has turned you towards this question.

    Perhaps it is like saying that in general, it is the hungry who think about food.

    January 14, 2011 at 3:53 PM

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