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Never far from the Mad crowd

‘Separation’ is a relationship strengthening catalyst. There were times when we were separated from our friends and family and still we felt the relationship grow stronger with the distance and time. Parents would be separated from their kids either for education or work. Friends separated from each other because of change in school, parents work transfer or higher education. But when two long-lost friends meet each other, there is an intense spark. The connection was vibrant. They could chat with each other for hours and days, to fill in what has happened in their lives over the period. The element of surprise was also there. They would be surprised to learn that how different or same  the other person has grown into. Parents, when they meet their kids after a long time undergo an intense state of emotion and happiness. They would long to see how the separation has aided the child’s growth and attitude towards the outer-world. This was the time when letter, long distance trunk booking calls and post-cards were the only means of communication.

With the communication revolution enhanced by the mighty social networks, the feeling of separation is heading towards a speedy extinction. You know what the person is having for breakfast. You know what his hobbies are. You are familiar with his likes and dislikes. A quick scan of his Facebook page will tell you about his new friends, his favorite car, his love interest or breakup or gossip and just about anything about a person. You see the person’s photos updated on a regular interval. Over a short period of time (time taken to scan a Facebook profile) you already know so much about the person. The person’s mental pattern and habits can be easily mapped and he/she has become so predictable. When you meet the person in-person, the spark is weak and it feels like you were never separated. You know so much about the person, that you both have very less to talk about. There could be moments of awkward silence while each person is trying to figure out what to talk next. The person you were pseudo-separated from, has become highly predictable. Facebook is just an example, in reality mobile telephony, social networks, text messaging, emails and other such stay-in-touch tools have not only shrunk the world, but have eliminated separation.

There is always two sides of a coin and this is just the share of the darker side.

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