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Kullanari Kootam – Movie Review

Looking into the recent trend, Tamil movies tend to portray Madurai as an uncivilized village filled with uncouth and loud mouthed villains, hillbilly heroes among people hacking each other to death with sickles and machetes as part of their regular lifestyle. Yes, Madurai is not a metro city, but it definitely is a peaceful town and among the last few cities on earth where Tamil is spoken like Tamil and the Tamil culture is still alive.

The moment the Kullanari Kootam movie started with the title credits on foreground and Madurai cityscape in background, I thought this is yet another movie set to deface Madurai. But as the Movie progressed I felt that though they have not captured the real pulse of Madurai lifestyle, they are not here to tarnish the city’s image. It’s a story of a random young man from a middle class family and his love story filled with adventurous twists and funny friends.

Vetri (Vishnu Vishal) is a jobless MBA graduate loitering around harmlessly and aimlessly. He spends his happy little life on the Rs 10 per day allowance from his father. He lives with his family in a small house in Madurai and a few songs and scenes have been shot in typical Madurai landmarks. There ends the Madurai connection for this movie. Vishnu’s father is a strict headmaster and he despises the entire lot of policemen for some unknown reason. Vishnu accidentally recharges a random mobile number when his father entrusts him with the responsibility of recharging his prepaid mobile balance. Apparently (predictably) the random number belongs to a pretty girl Priya (Remya Nambeesan). A few missed calls and some staged encounters leads to love blossom between these two. Priya’s father is a policeman and he promises to give her away in marriage to Vetri if and only if he becomes a policeman. And by now if you had concluded that this is a typical kollywood plot, you are wrong.The second half of the movie shows how Vetri meets with a gang of good-hearted youngsters aspiring to become policemen and together how they manage to become policemen.

This is Vishnu Vishal’s 4th movie and in all four movies his character is almost the same: a naive but straight forward youngster with a will and wish to win.  Maybe this is what he does the best. It suits him and he has executed the role perfectly in this movie. Remya is pretty and pleasing to watch (She resembles Divya Spandana @ Kuthu Ramya at many instances). She has very little to do in the movie, but with whatever is there to perform she has done well. The casting for Vetri’s family members are near perfect. Everyone has done well and fit the bill. But the real highlights are the Kullanari kootam (Fennec Fox gang). All four guys have done an exceptional job. Their dialogue delivery, portrayal of down-to-earth attitude and innocence is commendable.

This is a debut film for director Sribalaji. He has tried something different yet so familiar. He could have avoided a lot of over-stretched scenes and cut-short the movie by a good 30-45 minutes. The storyline is neither brilliant nor too dumb. He has delivered a movie that is enjoyable by a wider audience. After a long gap I come across a decent Tamil movie without unnatural heroism, illogical drama, intolerable sentiments, violence, vulgarity or absurdity. Though the movie hasn’t got the best of the screenplay, plot or music, it’s a feel good movie that keeps you entertained for most of the running time.


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  2. Dilip

    I have seen the movie four times in three days already. Nice one.

    April 27, 2011 at 11:32 PM

  3. paramesdriver

    அன்பரே என்ன இது?

    August 7, 2011 at 6:21 PM

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