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Photographic Garbage

Until a  decade ago, photography was an art form reserved to people who understand the art and the society called them photographers. I am not talking about small time wedding photo clickers or passport size photo clickers. I am talking about the elite educated bunch of artists for whom photography was pure passion. These artists printed their photos and compiled them as albums or made them into slides to be presented on a projector. That’s the way they showcase it to their audience.  A quick fast forward to present day. Facebook. Every tom, dick and harry (intentionally didn’t capitalize nouns) owns a facebook page and calls it either tom photography or  dick clicks or harry through the lens or some garbage. They list themselves as photographers. They think they are photographers because their facebook friends said so and liked their page and posts. Well, tom, dick and harry, please wake up. Your friends are either not aware of real photography or are really sarcastic.

Experimental photography. Unless you are writing a tutorial, posting your experimental shots online is totally absurd. You click smoke, drop of water or some abstract effect and you pose the clicks as some art form. No it is not art. It is fart. Any photograph with no real story, subject or moment is just an experiment. How would you feel, if your mom was learning to bake a cake, bought a new owen and served you just the butter mixed with egg.

Bokeh. This irritates me to the core. Bokeh in Japanese means blur. How can you just post a picture with only the blur as a subject? A bokeh makes sense only if it is in the background and there is some subject in the foreground to draw the attention. Now imagine your mom serving you just an empty plate and the cake is locked up somewhere in the attic.

Please don’t go around begging your friends to like your pictures and your page. Don’t keep bumping your posts over and over so it gets the limelight often. If your work is a real work of art, people will like it. Oh yes! don’t take the number of likes too straight to your head. Anyone with the right networking skills and  marketing ability will definitely get the numbers soaring. It still doesn’t mean that you are a photographer. You merely own a DSLR, a few lenses and a Facebook account.

Last and not the least, please don’t tag people who are not related to the photo. If you want to bring it to their attention, message them the link, call them, courier them, write a letter or do something, but don’t tag. I may sound rude, but please don’t be offended if I unfriend you from facebook, if you are repeatedly spraying photographic garbage all over the social network.


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