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To be or not to be.. a Samsung

Samsung Mobiles have always repelled me. To be honest, I have never owned a Samsung smart phone. Reason being that, I never buy a product that is extensively marketed. To me, a product must sell its way, on its own, straight to the heart. Samsung never gave me that chance. They just keep pushing models after models, with loads of variations, in to the Indian market. It was like junk food. Now Samsung mobiles are everywhere  It would be difficult to rout their market share position, in the Indian mobile market.

The other mobile manufacturers never see India as a major opportunity. Apple has always been the last ones to arrive in the Indian market. Motorola as a mobile manufacturer never had a stable foot in the Indian market. HTC and LG are lethargic in introducing new models in the Indian market. The Nexus mobiles and tablets never come to India. Nokia and Sony are trying hard for a comeback, but failing to win the heart of Indians. And then there are these numerous small time mobile brands who have made use of this opportunity and bombard the market with mushroom models. These mushrooms are cheap in price, build and quality, short shelf life and have  poor service backup. They have scavenged every-bit of market share that was left between the gap of Samsung’s share and the rest of the mobile manufacturers.

A person aspiring to buy a smart phone in India, has no other option, but to buy a Samsung. He can’t buy the latest Apple, because its either over-priced or the latest model is not available in India. He can’t buy a HTC, Nexus or LG, because of the availability. He doesn’t want to take his chances with Nokia, Sony or the cheap brands. He has to buy a Samsung.

But I must appreciate Samsung for learning the market potential of Indian Cellular industry. They seem to give very high preference to the sales figures from India. They know the likes of the new urban Indians. They understand the rural market trends. They have done their demographic study well. They have the right marketing and sales team across the nation. They are setting up a sophisticated service backbone. When all the other manufacturers are either neglecting or exploiting the Indian market, Samsung is the only one who sees the live opportunity. Their naming convention could be confusing. Their designs could be flawed. Their mobiles may not make heads turn. But they are available and reasonable to the uber Indian Mobile market.

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  1. Lots of free android applications puts Samsung ahead of others. They have done a good job in pushing their products through, while others have lagged. Well it has found the market and is here to stay because they are good or better and affordable than others. Product may not be able to sell its way into the heart, what is important is to stay in the heart. Right now Samsung is staying until a better sweat heart appears

    May 2, 2013 at 12:33 PM

    • Yes, but its not only availability of free apps. Its also the availability of accessories. I own a HTC One X. I find it really difficult to find a case or screen guard. But if its Samsung, your choices for accessories are endless.

      May 2, 2013 at 1:11 PM

  2. Here is the worst part of Samsung service. I have a S3 that I bought in February 2013. Last friday, the phone’s network stopped working (and it was while using a factory ROM) and I gave it for service. Today I got a call that I have to pay as mother board is gone.

    Me: why should I pay
    service: motherboard is gone
    me: its under warranty. answer these questions. is the phone under warranty? Isnt the component on motherboard covered?
    service: sir, network is gone
    me: I think that network is not working. warranty is there, fix it.
    service: sir, you installed 3rd party software
    me: i install everything from play store
    service: no sir, that is okay. you installed 3rd party software
    me: what 3rd party software?
    service: not facebook and all, you installed 3rd party sofware. i wont service without payment. if you want, you can talk to customer care
    me: no, am not going to customer care. you give me in writing that you wont service it for free and I will go to consumer court
    service: yeah come, i will give you in writing.

    Thanks to this guys attitude, I am not going to buy any Samsung product in the future. For 700 bucks, he made Samsung lose tens of thousands of rupees. May not make difference for Samsung but money is money!

    September 30, 2013 at 12:56 PM

  3. neng: tanggap ko na na imposible talaga yung pangarap ko. siguro mag-aararo na lang ako sa aming lupain. nyahaha…!! (lols) Click

    April 9, 2016 at 5:21 AM

  4. nice post sir … keep it up in read daily your post

    May 11, 2018 at 1:07 PM

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