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To be or not to be.. a Samsung

Samsung Mobiles have always repelled me. To be honest, I have never owned a Samsung smart phone. Reason being that, I never buy a product that is extensively marketed. To me, a product must sell its way, on its own, straight to the heart. Samsung never gave me that chance. They just keep pushing models after models, with loads of variations, in to the Indian market. It was like junk food. Now Samsung mobiles are everywhere  It would be difficult to rout their market share position, in the Indian mobile market.

The other mobile manufacturers never see India as a major opportunity. Apple has always been the last ones to arrive in the Indian market. Motorola as a mobile manufacturer never had a stable foot in the Indian market. HTC and LG are lethargic in introducing new models in the Indian market. The Nexus mobiles and tablets never come to India. Nokia and Sony are trying hard for a comeback, but failing to win the heart of Indians. And then there are these numerous small time mobile brands who have made use of this opportunity and bombard the market with mushroom models. These mushrooms are cheap in price, build and quality, short shelf life and have  poor service backup. They have scavenged every-bit of market share that was left between the gap of Samsung’s share and the rest of the mobile manufacturers.

A person aspiring to buy a smart phone in India, has no other option, but to buy a Samsung. He can’t buy the latest Apple, because its either over-priced or the latest model is not available in India. He can’t buy a HTC, Nexus or LG, because of the availability. He doesn’t want to take his chances with Nokia, Sony or the cheap brands. He has to buy a Samsung.

But I must appreciate Samsung for learning the market potential of Indian Cellular industry. They seem to give very high preference to the sales figures from India. They know the likes of the new urban Indians. They understand the rural market trends. They have done their demographic study well. They have the right marketing and sales team across the nation. They are setting up a sophisticated service backbone. When all the other manufacturers are either neglecting or exploiting the Indian market, Samsung is the only one who sees the live opportunity. Their naming convention could be confusing. Their designs could be flawed. Their mobiles may not make heads turn. But they are available and reasonable to the uber Indian Mobile market.


Google Olympics Site not compatible with IE9

The Google olympics mini portal has some great features. I love the way the country vs medals tally was visualized in it. The information was stacked up in 3 levels within the site. On the first level, you can view the overall medals tally on mouse over the country in the map. If you want to view the break up of medals, you click on the tool tip to view the gold, silver, bronze breakup at the second level. To further view who won which, you have drill down by clicking on ‘View all results’ in the popup. This third level of information works fine in Firefox and Chrome. But in IE9 it failed to show the scroll bar, without which the drill-down is pointless. Why this partiality towards Internet Explorer?


…so, where were we?

I sort of don’t remember when was the last time I sat down to write a blog. I could go to the posts and check on the dates, but I just feel comfortable not remembering it and saying, its been a while I blogged. The reason being many things. One of which is I was just not in the right moment to sit down for a blog post over the past few weeks. A lot has been happening both at home and work. Our family lost a member again and this time it was a relatively young life. My cousin brother died in a road accident. He was just 17 years old and the just finished school and was expecting his results. He got excelling marks, but the marksmen above him overtook him or should I say, “undertake”? If only he wore a helmet and rode a bike that suited his age and physique, he would have still been very much my brother and the son of  his devastated parents. Following that loss, while my family is still trying to come out of it mentally, frequent visits to hospitals and uncertain statements from doctors is getting to pressurize the rest of the family members. As I am getting over it, things are not looking very bright at work either. I was starting to get possessed by the dark side and I was afraid that my negative thoughts could spread on and affect everyone around me. The mood around me was quite depressing over the past few weeks and I terribly wanted to get out of it. I tried going out with friends, taking up my long lost hobbies, shopping and all other things that could lighten up my damp spirit and realized that nothing is working out.

Finally a thought struck to me. What can possibly bring back happiness to me than a gadget? and that’s when I decided to shortlist on which gadget I needed to buy. And the winner is “Tamron AF 70-200mm f/2.8 Di LD IF Macro Lens” for my Nikon D3100. I ordered it on the Amazon and had it delivered to my aunt in US and she is on her way to India soon. Now I just can’t wait to lay my hands on it. Oh yes! be assured of an unboxing video and an indepth review.

But in the meanwhile, I do think of a lot of topics to write on this personal blog of mine and most of them turned out to be dark themed. I just didn’t want to pass on my depression to you and hence its residing in the drafts folder not progressed beyond the title field. There was also a fun blog which I planned as a series of imaginary stories of a not-so-imaginary character which is residing in the draft folder, but the recent events put on a huge writer’s block and flushed away the funny bone in me. While I dive in to find that bone, and while I am waiting for my Tamron lens, you hang in there and rest assured that I’ll be back.

p.s: Please wear helmet if you are on two wheeler and don’t forget that seat belt if in a car. Your loved ones are waiting for you at the other end of the road.

Bull cane juicer


Raguri, a small town on the highway near Shridi in Maharashtra. I noticed this strange mechanical device. A bull driven sugar cane juicer. It was quite interesting. A win win situation. The man gets money by selling the juice and the bull gets to eat the sugarcane fiber after every customer leaves.

Pizza evening

She felt like eating pizza, but I was hesitant about going to one of those branded outlets to one. Hence we settled on a decision to make our own pizza. We headed to the nearest departmental store and got:

  • Two 12″ pizza bread
  • 250 g of Mozzarella cheese
  • Green and Red capsicum
  • Pichkoo Tomato Sauce
  • Onions, spinach, tomato and baby corn

She prepared the cottage-cheese a.k.a Paneer and made them into cubes. I cooked the baby corn, while she chopped the other vegetables. Then I spread the sauce on the pizza bread base and arranged the veggies on them. Next the grated cheese was spread evenly, sparing the edges. The paneer cubes and baby corn slices were arranged on top of the cheese. There were many you-tube videos talking about preheating the oven, but I had no idea how to do that in our combo-grill microwave oven. So I just put it on Grill mode and set the timer to 15 minutes and placed the pizza in.  After 15 minutes, the pizza was ready and it was piping hot and delicious, way better than those branded pizzas. With that home-made pizza re-enter my menu. I am pretty excited about it, because its my first time with home made (man-made) pizza.


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