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Generic Blunder

India has won the world cup!”

Brazil has lost to France in the finals!

List of Sexiest men alive!

World’s most beautiful woman!

SixWe see such headlines all around us everyday. Be it the newspaper or an online portal or an advertising banner, its omnipresent. But I have always been sceptical about the wording used in such headlines and news. Did the entire country and the people of Brazil fight with France and lost in the finals of some sports? Did you do a door to door survey of all the women in the planet to judge their beauty? I don’t think so. A team of selected players representing the country in a specific international event could have won or lost. It doesn’t mean that the entire nation has won or lost, literally. I would prefer the headlines to be revised. Its better to have then re-worded to something like “The Indian Cricket Team has won the world cup!” or “The Brazilian footballers lost to the French in the Finals”. Maybe if its a war or political  issue between two countries, such headlines will fit in.

Angelina JolieWhen some survey is conducted to judge beauty or talent, specific demographic title must be taken into account, IMO. Especially when you rank any such non-measurable / intangible criteria. The world’s  most beautiful woman is not always the world most! Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. Probably if you say, “The world’s most beautiful Hollywood actress”, then I can accept Angelina Jolie as the list topper. For sure the world is not entirely populated with actresses and definitely the entire list of women on earth have not been counted in for the race. Poets and writers are the only ones who are acceptable when they make such statements and definitely not some statisticians, market analyst or research analyst.

When mistakes are repeated over and over, it doesn’t convert to they right way of doing things. Its just the right way of doing the mistake again. I just don’t feel it exactly justifies or represents the feelings and sentiments of the entire world or a nation. Its sort of communal and separative in its own way and such relative news/analysis must not be made to apear generic.

Anyway, this is all in my opinion. I am neither offended nor bothered by such lines, just that I don’t feel it conveys the correct message. There may be some logical reasoning behind such wordings, which I am not aware of.  If any, do let me know.

Yoda´s PlaylistSome really Dumb reasons I could think of:

“The newsmaker is in love with the actress” / “Lack of space for lengthy headlines” / “Marketing technique or Branding cunningness” / “Catchy headlines to sell the news” / “… its a trend and people love it” / “just want to sell B.S. to the mass…”


Dell tagline – Screw to Survive

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My Dell XPS laptop is helping me explore and discover a lot of Dell’s business strategies and most of them are unethical. My previous post would detail the problem I am currently facing with my Dell XPS M1210. I knew that Dell would not help me unless I pay them what they demand. But still I wanted to check my Luck Quotient. I called up Dell and the executive (Mr trained-Smarty-dell-mouthpiece) spoke to me for about an hour. Let me give you the gist of the conversation.

I have recorded this in my mobile. I will post the audio clip soon.

Once I explained the problem, he asked me to be on hold for a while, so that he could check what best he can do for me. He came back on the line and told me that he is going to give me a break-fix-warranty.

Now what is a break fix warranty for me? Pay for 1 year extended warranty + engineer visit + spare part cost. That will be 19,000INR in total. I told him, that this problem is not only with my notebook. Many people who have got the same model have suffered because of the design flaw. This is Dell’s fault and Dell must absorb the cost and replace it without charging.

He accepted that its a design issue with the GeForce 7400 gfx card and Dell has automatically extended the 1 year warranty to an extra year for all the product with 7400 gfx cards. My laptop has cruised past 2 years exactly (on March 8th 2009) so Dell will not replace it for free.

I was pretty shocked. Hang on! One year ago on March 2008, I called you guys and wanted to pay for an extended warranty and no one told me that I get a free warranty extension at that time. You guys sent me quotes and if had gone ahead with the purchase, I would have ended up paying for a free service.

He justified and rolled back his statement that, these free warranty was only for systems with fault. Yes, mine is faulty as well. Only that the fault came to light exactly after 20 days of expiry of the warranty + “so-called-free-extended” warranty period.

Dell… the greatest customer screwing machine of all time… Ok! I don’t want to drift off-topic. Now, I don’t care about extended warranty. A company like Dell must take responsibility for its mistakes and take back the faulty parts it has sold.

His point was, the company has extended its good-will gesture for one year and my laptop had no problems during that tenure and now I have to pay for it.

And so forth and so on… the argument was going nowhere. The business strategy I learnt is,  sell a faulty product to the customer and sell it over and over to the same customer, when the product fails. Nice strategy to make money, especially during the tough times of recession. I am sure Dell would not face any economic strangles with policies like this in place. Even if I pay for the service and get the Motherboard replaced, it is bound to fail in another year’s time.

Shall I or Should I not?

You could have waited!

4 years gone and the abyss still exists. I think the loss will be felt even after 40 years. More than letting the pain wither off, I am sort of adamant to make the pain a persistent one. We miss you.

How the web 2.0 catapulted Obama into the Whitehouse

Information is no more a personal property. Anyone can obtain any information and contribute to the information database. Barack Obama’s online campaign was leveraged at large by the information decentralization. The 2nd version of the web is not only about information but its also about contribution of information. Senator Obama’s Web Gurus knew that he has to shed his image as someone of high rank in unreachable position. The wanted to get rid of one-way-traffic stereo typed election campaigns. Their aim was to make Obama’s image an User-Friendly Next-Gen President of the USA.

Starting from providing information about himself and his campaign at, Obama’s campaign utilized every possible corners of the webspace. Barack Hussain Obama, converted himself into a brand. A brand that every American would love to endorse. He made a logo for himself. Its not a political symbol or some sort of election seal. Its the brand logo of Obama himself. This was his online identity which turned out to be a huge success and entered every home via the Internet. His followers could either use it as it is or customize it and use it as Avatars, Feed logos, favicons, Online Community Identity or even email signatures.

Facebook on its own is a great media to propagate Obama and his campaign ideologies. Mock elections, opinion polls, Campaign discussions and much were were added as facebook applications. All of them were a huge success. 24 years old Facebook Co-Founder Chris Hughes pitched in his expertise to build Obama’s own facebook, called Volunteers used this site organize over 150,000 campaign-related events over the entire course of the campaign. Obama’s was a major combat weapon to fight any rumours on Obama or his party. The website’s tag-line is “Powered by Truth”. Arun Chaudary, Obama’s youtube henchman were key to his online success as well. All his campaigns, initiatives and services were customized, edited and posted on Obama’s youtube channel almost instantly. Chaudary quotes that this sort of technology was available many years ago, but it was utilized only now. He also add to the statistics that online viewers are not just kids and teenagers, but it has a mammoth amount of people aged between 40-45 as well.

Obama campaigners reached each other via the iPhones as well. iPhone App Store stocked the free application called Obama ’08. Instant access to campaign information, photos, videos, poll results and much more was shared via this application. Other mobile users across the globe were also not left behind. Obama reached out to the twittizens as well. @BarackObama is the one to be followed on twitter to recieve twiupdates. Obama could barely ask for more of his online presence. He was omni-web-present: mySpace, Faceboook, youtube, flickr, Eventful, Flickr, LinkedIn, Eons, Faithbase, Glee and on much more web 2.0 engines.

Obama’s online initiatives have helped touched the hearts and minds of the nation on a very large and cost-effective scale. This victory would be scrutinized, studied, preserved and passed on as a success story of the Internet as the penultimate marketing tool. A classic example of empowering people and technology and a path that shows the route to success for business and marketers to come.

Naakka Mukka – The Prose and Poetry

The cult track “Naakka Mukka” could easily win the most disgusting song ever made award, if the panel members were strictly 45+ old. But it has won the heart of many youngsters because of its racy tune and irrelevant lyrics. Finding and order among chaos has been the favourite past time of many. I decided to find or frame some sort of meaning to this meaningless song. Here is goes…

The poet takes us to the yogic philosophical aachaaram filled life style with the opening lines.

Maadu Setha Manusan Thinnan
Thola Vechi Mela Katti
Adra Adra Naakka Mukka Naakka Mukka

Yes its indeed 916 hallmark aachaaram-filled lyrics. The meaning is… when man eats dead cow (symbolically non-vegetarian/meat) he is nearing his end of days. You will ride your last procession on the shoulders of other (tholla vechi) with drum beats (mela katti adra adra) leading it. Hence control your senses. Control of taste buds (naakku) and olfactory senses (mookku) is essential for long livety. Now isn’t that yogic philosophy?

larrysona larrysona larrysonnaaareeee…

Yes indeed its the golden line which can be understood by laymen like lorry drivers… (laary = Truck / Sona = Gold)

panthaatom ulagam vachaan raatinam pol sulala vachan…
yera vachan irnaga vachan..sulalavitu mayanga vachaan..
mayagunavana yelupuda yelupuda… adingada adingada….

Now he wants to teach a bit of geography. The world is not a level play field anymore. Its a ball shaped earth. The god / supreme power made it so and he made it rotate like a Giant Wheel. Goes up at times and goes down at time. Due course this oscillation (rotation of earth) make people unconscious and loose their senses. Now don’t let your fellow earthlings loose control, so lets beat it man….

ponungala piraka vachan.. ponukula karuva vachan..
karuva vachanc karpa vachan…karpuvukule theeyavachan..
theeyavachu yeriya vachan…yeriya vachan… yeriyavacha….
madurai yeriyuthu .. anaingada..anaingada..anaingada..

This is turning out to be the most philosophical song of the year. I am getting goose bumps while writing this blog. Let me not loose track and complete the analysis.

He wants to teach a bit of culture, integrity and chastity. God made women and implanted the womb in them and created a theme called chastity especially for them. He lit the theme with fire and that has become an ideal characteristic of the ideal woman. The fire symbolizes woman and could burn down even an entire city. He he quotes some historical reference(kanagi who burnt Madurai) to showcase the power of woman.

Just a handful of such songs with such powerful lyrics can convert the entire generation X into generation V (V for Vivekananda).

Pothum…. ithoda niruthikuvom… kupura paduthu yosipangalo?

Complete it!

The other day me and another team leader were chatting and he told me that one of his team members have taken a day off for a strange reason. Tha guy had gone to meet his college friends on a get-together. I was puzzled and I told that this is a normal reason. But he told me, that one must complete the task at the given time and must never extend it beyond deadline. He was given time to enjoy his college days and he must be done with it. When you move ahead in your life, you can look back but can never afford to stay back. You move forward only when both your legs are moving. If one leg is struck in the back pace, then you dont really move. At a given slot, the given task must be completely done with. This struck to me as a thunderbolt.

Made me think and lot and push the rewind button to check if I had completed all my task completely. School, College, first job, last job, current job everywhere it appears to me that I have completed the role fully. or have I? Role play as a son, grandson, niece, friend, more… need to introspect a lot…

Reminds me of Rajnikanth’s Song from Badshah…”Yetu yetua manushan vaazhva pirichuko.. yentha yettil ippo iruke therinjuko…”

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