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Idly halts a coach

I was waiting for my train in a platform in Madurai Junction. That’s when I overheard this cute conversation. Its customary for passengers to check with vendors about train arival time, platform and coach location. You don’t get to see railway employees around with a helping mentality. To us passengers, these vendors are first point of contact for information. This incident involves one such vendor. He was standing on his regular spot selling Idly, vadai, chappathi, poori, etc. for dinner. I was seated somewhere nearby, warding off the pestering mosquitoes and playing temple run on mobile. A passenger passing by the vendor, stopped and asked him “annae, S2 coach enga varumnae?” (in a typical madurai slang: brother, where will be S2 coach come?”). This vendor replies “Idly vaangina inga varum, (pointing to a place where the coach will halt) vaangalana enga varumnu enakku theriyathu… (shrugging his shoulders)” (Translated: If you get Idly the coach will halt here, if not I am not sure…)

The passenger was lost for a minute and then he got the intended pun. They both laughed. He got an Idly packet from him and walked away still laughing. 


Photographic Garbage

Until a  decade ago, photography was an art form reserved to people who understand the art and the society called them photographers. I am not talking about small time wedding photo clickers or passport size photo clickers. I am talking about the elite educated bunch of artists for whom photography was pure passion. These artists printed their photos and compiled them as albums or made them into slides to be presented on a projector. That’s the way they showcase it to their audience.  A quick fast forward to present day. Facebook. Every tom, dick and harry (intentionally didn’t capitalize nouns) owns a facebook page and calls it either tom photography or  dick clicks or harry through the lens or some garbage. They list themselves as photographers. They think they are photographers because their facebook friends said so and liked their page and posts. Well, tom, dick and harry, please wake up. Your friends are either not aware of real photography or are really sarcastic.

Experimental photography. Unless you are writing a tutorial, posting your experimental shots online is totally absurd. You click smoke, drop of water or some abstract effect and you pose the clicks as some art form. No it is not art. It is fart. Any photograph with no real story, subject or moment is just an experiment. How would you feel, if your mom was learning to bake a cake, bought a new owen and served you just the butter mixed with egg.

Bokeh. This irritates me to the core. Bokeh in Japanese means blur. How can you just post a picture with only the blur as a subject? A bokeh makes sense only if it is in the background and there is some subject in the foreground to draw the attention. Now imagine your mom serving you just an empty plate and the cake is locked up somewhere in the attic.

Please don’t go around begging your friends to like your pictures and your page. Don’t keep bumping your posts over and over so it gets the limelight often. If your work is a real work of art, people will like it. Oh yes! don’t take the number of likes too straight to your head. Anyone with the right networking skills and  marketing ability will definitely get the numbers soaring. It still doesn’t mean that you are a photographer. You merely own a DSLR, a few lenses and a Facebook account.

Last and not the least, please don’t tag people who are not related to the photo. If you want to bring it to their attention, message them the link, call them, courier them, write a letter or do something, but don’t tag. I may sound rude, but please don’t be offended if I unfriend you from facebook, if you are repeatedly spraying photographic garbage all over the social network.

Glove compartment Latch #Fail

Never knew a plastic disposable spoon can act as a latch lock for a super hot tar maker truck.

Tar Burner

Tar Burner Glove Box protected by a Plastic Disposable latch

Tar Burner Glove Box protected by a Plastic Disposable latch

Universal Remote (DIY)

A Picture speaks  thousand words. I was sort of frustrated to manage 3 remotes for my television. I misplace either one of them and search them frantically all over the house. This happens almost everyday. Thats when a DTH service advertised that they offer universal remote to combine TV and set-top box control in a single remote. So until I do a proper review on that DTH service and get user reviews on that, I went for an ad-hoc solution and thats sticking my 2 most frequently used remotes to each other, back to back. Voila! my very own Universal Remote. :-D

User comments and experience can be share here for Airtel DTH service. I would like to know about the value for money, customer service, clarity and reliability.

whats the buzz about KRK?

Let me tell you a new cocktail recipie. Take ample amount of Kamal Hassan, chop off the Hassan. Mix with with Khan from the Salman. Crush Sharuk and add the juice on top of the Mix. Jab in the Rashid between the joints and you get the all new, K R K.
The Future King Khan?

The Future King Khan?

Its not SRK…its KRK… Kamal Rashid Khan. The producer, actor, script writer, Lyricist and the Dialogue writer of the much hyped movie “Desh Drohi”. Yes, that movie has got an IMDB link as well. On clicking the link, dont be surprised about the star dusted studded casting. Gracy Singh, Kim Sharma, Item Girl Rozza, Chunkey Pandey, Shakti Kapoor, Mukesh Tiwari and many more. The star of all stars, supreme star Kamal Khan, the latest addition to the Bollywood Khans, is promising and poised to steal the show and disgrace Bollywood.

The Past:

JK Riteesh

JK Riteesh

If Abhimanyu was to Dronacharya, then KRK must be to TR. The ultimate bear star of South India Vijaya T Rajendar. His nemesis was Veera Thalapathy – JKR (JK Riteesh), who recently entertained the hell out of us in the recent blot-buster Nayagan. Gabtun VJ kanth has been a childhood friend of KRK and the Telegu Movie makers are killing themselves for having refused KRK to play along side with Natasimham Nandamuri Balakrishna one year ago. Mithundada, have you got anything to add to this? guess not…

The Present:

It is touted that Daniel Craig personally contacted KRK and pleaded him to change release dates of Desh Drohi from Nov 7th to Nov 14. 007 knew that it would drastically weaken the collections at the box office and guess what… KRK agreed. The world premier of Desh Drohi is scheduled on Nov 14 which happens to be children’s day. Inspite of Gautam Menon and Surya’s repeated phonecalls, KRK refused to change dates once again. So, this movie is on head to head race with Vaaranam Aayiram. God Save Gautam and Surya.

The Future:

The movie will be a sooper dooper hit across the Globe. A new disease called Laugh-to-Death’o-Mania is bound to spread among young movie watchers. OH Media, the media parter will increase their market share in Media and merge with Koovam Media and rename themselves as AIYO Media. Gracy Singh has promised to change her name to DisGracy Singh, if this movie become a flop – such confidence. Rozza Catalano has vowed to take back Saif from Bebo as her popularity is expected to grow manifolds after the release of Desh Drohi. Kim Sharma is poised to forget her chances with the big banners and even her nano-costume can’t rescue her career anymore. Did i say Big Banners? sorry, the Big Banners will cease to exist and will be replaced by the supereme Banner KRK. Whatta Man! Balaji Tele Films and Sony BMG are expected to make a movie out of the character ShaktiMaan donned by KRK. Name suggestions are welcome. My contirbution – JattiMaan: lage iski jatti mein daag.


DeshDrohi- A must watch flick. Filled with intense dialogues, unexpected twists and turns (Notice KRK’s hands turn 30 sec after his body turns over, in the trailer), Innovation in the weapons department (Nilkamal-asthra), trend-setting fashion (KRK’s mis-fitting jacket), Titanic style duet with Gracy and KRK as De-Gubrio, steamy dialogues to kill the villains with the saliva spray and much much more. Don’t miss it.

KRK is all set to bag his role in the Bojpuri Remake of Ghajini

KRK is all set to bag his role in the Bojpuri Remake of Ghajini

எப்படி இருந்த நான் இப்படி ஆகிட்டேன்

நம்ம விவேக் காமெடி தான் ஞாபகம் வருது, இப்போ USA டாலர் நிலைமைய  பார்த்தா. “எப்படி இருந்த நான் இப்படி ஆகிட்டேன்”.  அதுவும் நான் invest பண்ணலாம்னு துணிஞ்சு இறங்கின நேரமா இப்படி மோசமா விலநும் பங்கு சந்தை? இந்த டாலர்ல இருக்குர அமெரிக்கா ஜனாதிபதியும் என் reactionஉம் கிட்ட தட்ட ஒரே மாதிரி தான் இருக்குது. இந்த நிலைமை சீக்கிரம் மாறினாதான் என் investmentகு மட்டும் இல்லே, பல பேர் employmentகும் உத்திரவாதம்.

The World's First FireFox user…

My Firefox Geometry Set case

Yes, its me… I am the world first user of Firefox. Proof is the picture above and the second user is my sister, who got a green color version of firefox, but the corporate color of firefox is orange, and she does not qualify. Tech specs were, double deck, non-anodised thagara(steel) cover, non-recyclable plastic base, build for rugged and high speed usage.