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Naakka Mukka – The Prose and Poetry

The cult track “Naakka Mukka” could easily win the most disgusting song ever made award, if the panel members were strictly 45+ old. But it has won the heart of many youngsters because of its racy tune and irrelevant lyrics. Finding and order among chaos has been the favourite past time of many. I decided to find or frame some sort of meaning to this meaningless song. Here is goes…

The poet takes us to the yogic philosophical aachaaram filled life style with the opening lines.

Maadu Setha Manusan Thinnan
Thola Vechi Mela Katti
Adra Adra Naakka Mukka Naakka Mukka

Yes its indeed 916 hallmark aachaaram-filled lyrics. The meaning is… when man eats dead cow (symbolically non-vegetarian/meat) he is nearing his end of days. You will ride your last procession on the shoulders of other (tholla vechi) with drum beats (mela katti adra adra) leading it. Hence control your senses. Control of taste buds (naakku) and olfactory senses (mookku) is essential for long livety. Now isn’t that yogic philosophy?

larrysona larrysona larrysonnaaareeee…

Yes indeed its the golden line which can be understood by laymen like lorry drivers… (laary = Truck / Sona = Gold)

panthaatom ulagam vachaan raatinam pol sulala vachan…
yera vachan irnaga vachan..sulalavitu mayanga vachaan..
mayagunavana yelupuda yelupuda… adingada adingada….

Now he wants to teach a bit of geography. The world is not a level play field anymore. Its a ball shaped earth. The god / supreme power made it so and he made it rotate like a Giant Wheel. Goes up at times and goes down at time. Due course this oscillation (rotation of earth) make people unconscious and loose their senses. Now don’t let your fellow earthlings loose control, so lets beat it man….

ponungala piraka vachan.. ponukula karuva vachan..
karuva vachanc karpa vachan…karpuvukule theeyavachan..
theeyavachu yeriya vachan…yeriya vachan… yeriyavacha….
madurai yeriyuthu .. anaingada..anaingada..anaingada..

This is turning out to be the most philosophical song of the year. I am getting goose bumps while writing this blog. Let me not loose track and complete the analysis.

He wants to teach a bit of culture, integrity and chastity. God made women and implanted the womb in them and created a theme called chastity especially for them. He lit the theme with fire and that has become an ideal characteristic of the ideal woman. The fire symbolizes woman and could burn down even an entire city. He he quotes some historical reference(kanagi who burnt Madurai) to showcase the power of woman.

Just a handful of such songs with such powerful lyrics can convert the entire generation X into generation V (V for Vivekananda).

Pothum…. ithoda niruthikuvom… kupura paduthu yosipangalo?